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Rules and Regulations EC24_Draughts100

The organization of the European Draughts Championship 2024 has been allotted by the EDC to the Italian Draughts Federation (FID) and will take place in Chianciano Terme (Tuscany)

Live games

European Championship 2024 - Games Toernooibase (


A collection of photos from the European Championship

European Draughts Championship 2024 - Open and Women


Jan Groenendijk (Netherlands) is the European Champion 2024, 2nd place to Jitse Slump; 3rd Guntis Valneris (Latvia).
Viktoriya Motrichko (Ukraine) is the new European Women Champion; 2nd place to Darya Tkachenko; 3rd Natalia Sadowska (Poland).

Best Team the Netherlands, followed by Latvia and Lithuania. Best Women Team Ukraine, followed by Netherlands and Poland. Main Referee Johan Demasure (Belgium) with assistants Loris Berengan and Stefano Iacono (both Italians).
The awarding ceremony was held at Sala Nervi of the Thermal Center opened and closed by a musical show. The President EDC and FID Carlo Bordini thanks participants, coaches and federations and collaborators their behavior that made amazing the Championships and enriched the anniversary of Centenary of FID foundation. The champions were awarded also by Simone Cardullo responsible of CONI Tuscany.

Alexander Shvartsman (Israel) wins the European Blitz Championship 2024; on the podium also Jan Groenendijk (Nethwrlands) and Yurii Anikeev (Ukraine). Darya Tkachenko (Netherlands) wins the European Blitz Championship of the Women, followed by Marta Bankowska (Poland) and Natalia Sadowska (Poland).

In the Sunday’s closing Ceremony, introduced by Daniele Macali (FID Board), Wouter Van Beek (past FMJD President) addressed (on behalf of all players) his deep thanks to the organizers and referees. EDC and FID President Carlo Bordini the thanked everybody, players, coaches and federations, for their amazing behavior that made the event unforgettable. During the ceremony the winners of European Rapid Championships were also awarded.

Yurii Anikeev (Ukraine) as new European Rapid Champion. 2nd Alexander Shvartsam (Israel), 3rd Jan Groenedijk (Netherlands).
Zoja Golubeva, new European Rapid Women Chanpions (Latvia) climbed to the top step of podium, flanked by Olena Korotka (Ukraine) and Lisa Scholten (Netherlands).

European Draughts Championship 2024 - Open and Women  

Qualifiers for the World Championship 2025

Final Schedule

 Playing room:  Grand Hotel Admiral Palace - Viale Umbria 2, Chianciano Terme

Saturday, 1st June 2024  
Arriving day…
19:00    Checking players list at Playing room
21:00    Technical meeting at Playing room and Welcome by FID with live piano music (and a little welcome party: sweets and local drink)

Sunday, 2nd June
08:30    Opening of XXII European Championship and XII European Women Championship (EC Classics) at Playing room, with “first move” (kick off od draughts)
09:00    Round I
15:00    Round II

Monday, 3rd June
15:00    Round III

Tuesday, 4th June
09:00    Round IV
15:00    Round V

Wednesday, 5th June
09:00    Round VI
15:00     Guided visit*
Thursday, 6th June
09:00    Round VII
15:00    Round VIII

Friday, 7th June
09:00    Round IX
17:00    Main Closing ceremony at Parco Acqua Santa Thermal Centre in Viale Roma 103 - Chianciano Terme (Nervi Hall), with live music show with musicians and singer

Saturday, 8th June
09:00    Opening European Rapid Championships at Playing room

Sunday, 9th June
10:00    Opening European Blitz Championships at Playing room
16:00    Awarding Ceremony of European Rapid and Blitz Championships at GH Admiral Palace swimming pool (in case of rain inside at Playing room) with live piano music and singer

Monday, 10th June

Organizing committee:
Bordini Carlo             President of EDC
Demasure Johan        Vice-President Vicary EDC
Tulva Tarmo             Vice-President and Tournament Director EDC
Daniele Macali           FID Board Member (Player)
Giuliana Tenucci        FID Board Member – Tuscany responsible

Jury d'appel
President of the Jury: Magda Pawlowska (Poland)
Aare Harak (Estonia)
Jan Zioltkowski (Germany)

Main Referee: Johan Demasure (Belgium)
Assistant referee: Loris Berengan / Stefano Iacono (Italy)

In case on need Contact Valeria (FID Secretariat) mobile:  +39. 333.5425527

*Guided visit, two options:
1) Etruscan Museum of Chianciano (tickets offered by the FID), transfer on foot-
2) If 40 or more people, visit to the ancient village of Montepulciano with any possibility of tasting (food and wine) in a cellar. Cost of 10 € per person + cost of food and drink (10/20 €/pers. depends of choices).

(contact Giuliana Tenucci – always presents in playing room/hotel)

Money Prize

XXII European Championship         6.000 €    
1st place        1.700€    
2nd place        1.300€
3rd place          900€
4th place          700€
5th place          500€
6th place          400€
7th place          300€
8th place          200€

XII European Women Championship    3.100 €
1st place          1100€
2nd place           700€
3rd place           500€
4th place           350€
5th place           250€
6th place           200€

Teams    (both Open and Women)       900 €
1st place           200€        2x
2nd place           150€        2x
3rd place           100€        2x

EC Rapid and Blitz: increased to   3.000 €
Men (Rapid: 900 € and Blitz 900 €)
1st Place         300 €
2nd Place         200 €
3rd Place         150 €
4th Place         120 €
5th Place          80 €
6th Place          50 €

Women (Rapid:600  and Blitz: 600)
1st Place         200 €
2nd Place         150 €
3rd Place         100 €
4th Place          70 €
5th Place          50 €
6th Place          30 €

Notice (Point 15.e Rules and regulations)
Because of recent Italian National laws, unfortunately the Money Prize cannot be given in cash. For the same reason Money Prize will be considered as reimbursement of travel and accommodations costs (if not prize must be cut of 20% for tax). For that reason, the players who will have to receive money prize have to fill and sign a paper form, and must indicate a bank account to which to send the money. A player who doesn’t fill and sign the paper form will not receive money prizes.   FID will pay by bank transfer within 7 days, from the date of receipt of the completed and signed form, above mentioned.

European Championship Classic 2024

Campionato Europeo Classic 2024

European Championship Rapid 2024

Campionato Europeo Rapid 2024

European Championship Blitz 2024

Campionato Europeo Blitz 2024

European Championship Women Classic 2024

Campionato Europeo Donne Classic 2024

European Championship Women Rapid 2024

Campionato Europeo Donne Rapid 2024

European Championship Women Blitz 2024

Campionato Europeo Donne Blitz 2024